Calculate and print table of number

Accept a variable n as input from user.Then the first 10 multiples of n are printed as the table of number.The variable n accepts the input from user.For loop is used for calculating the first 10 multiples of variable n.The variable i is multiplied by variable n and the resultant is stored in variable in ans.The variable ans is printed after calculating the i th multiple of n. This process continous until i is less than or equal to 10. When i gets incremented to 10 ,the for loop terminates.

#include < stdio.h >
#include < conio.h > 
void main()
	long n,ans,i;	
	printf("\n\n\n ENTER THE NUMBER : ");
	printf("\n\n\n THE TABLE OF %d IS : \n",n);	
	for(i = 1;i <= 10;i++)
		ans = i * n;
		printf("\n\n \t \t \t %d",ans);